Tim Tebow Recruiting Violation? Eight Second Phone Call Proves He’s Not Perfect

Tim Tebow has been cited in a secondary recruiting violation committed by the Ohio State University football team. According to a report submitted to Cleveland.com, Ohio State reported to the NCAA 42 secondary violations across all sports in 2013. Believe it or not, Tim Tebow was involved in one of them.

Although many have been living under the assumption that Tebow is morally perfect, the current recruiting violation pokes an eight second hole in the theory. So what happened? Apparently, Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer was on vacation last Spring and enjoying a nice dinner with friends and family. And none other than Tim Tebow was at the table with his former head coach.

Meyer’s phone rang while at the dinner table and he answered it (rude, right?). On the other end was Clifton Garrett, a potential recruit from Illinois. The Tim Tebow recruiting violation occurred when Garrett discovered that the golden boy was at the table. He asked to speak to Tebow and wish him good luck on the 2013 season. Unfortunately, talking on the phone to a former player of the coach recruiting you is an NCAA recruiting violation.

The talk lasted all of eight seconds, but that was enough for Ohio State to have to report themselves. Coach Meyer filed a report after Garrett tweeted about the exciting experience.

The report claimed that Meyer had no intention of involving Tebow, but that it was just a courteous reaction. If Garrett had signed a letter of intent with Ohio State, it may have become a bigger deal. Instead, he will be heading to LSU. The report said:

Çoach Meyer reported that Garrett was not instructed to call by anyone from the Ohio State football staff and that neither he nor Tebow had any other communication with any other prospects during the lunch. Coach Meyer further indicated that Tebow has never spoken with any other prospective Ohio State student-athletes. Coach Meyer understands that the communication between Garrett and Tebow was an error on his part. However, he was adamant that it was a reflexive, courteous action rather than an intentional attempt to involve Tim Tebow in the recruiting process.

Other secondary violations committed by the school include a coach spitting tobacco into a cup during a game and accidental pocket dials by assistant coaches. Apparently, these things are a big deal to the NCAA. All of the secondary violations will be examined by the NCAA, but it is doubtful that there will be much disciplinary action as a result.

Do you think the Tim Tebow recruiting violation was involved in is a reasonable rule to have in place?