NPR job cuts: 85 positions to go

National Public Radio (NPR) has announced that it will lay off 7% of its workforce and cut expenses due to broader economic climate.

A total of 64 filled positions have been eliminated and 21 open positions not filled for a total cut of 85 positions. The cuts come across the board including editorial and production areas, station services, digital media, research, communications and administrative support. NPR currently employs 889 people.

Included in the cuts are two programs, Day to Day and News & Notes, although both programs will remain on the air through March 20, 2009.

Despite record numbers listening to its programs, including 26.4 million people listening to NPR each week and 8 million people visiting each month, NPR has been in a tight position, not helped by its unique set up. In July, NPR projected a $2 million deficit for fiscal year 2009 but is now projected to run a deficit to $23 million due to a sharp fall in corporate sponsorships.