Jenelle Evans’ Nude Photo Leaked, Courtland Rogers Blamed, But Did She Sell Herself Out?

Jenelle Evans’ nude photos were allegedly leaked by her ex-husband Courtland Roger, but this girlfriend has already had her revenge!

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Teen Mom 2’s former boss James Duffy also apparently leaked photos of Jenelle Evans naked. Worse, descriptions of the photo say she was caught on video “pleasuring herself” while laying back on an outdoor deck.

If anything, the new photos showing Jenelle Evans nude are probably worse than the last. The photos were taken right before she had an abortion and shows full frontal nudity with her legs spread. She also blames the abortion on Courtland:

“It’s just like, all the [expletive] we’d been through was not good [for] having a child. I didn’t know what to do. I had to get an abortion, I had to. [My ex-husband] wouldn’t be there for me, his family wouldn’t be there for me. My mom would be, but it would just be me as a single parent and that’s not what I want.”

Courtland, for his part, completely denies leaking the nude photos:

“For the record I had nothing to do with that pic being released! Believe me, if I was to do it then it would of been done a long time ago.”

He’s referring to the fact that the photos would have been from September of 2013 but they just were leaked recently. Perhaps because of this noticeable lag in time, another ex-boyfriend named Gary Head believes Courtland and claims Jenelle simply sold herself out for money:

“She told Kieffer to sell the nudes of her and split the money. She plays victim. She’s back at it again, selling her body because she’s broke!”

But other sources claim “Jenelle was extremely upset and depressed when she found out what happened, and she even deleted her Twitter account for 0.2 seconds in an attempt to get away from all the hate that was being thrown her way.” Perhaps lending credence to this claim is how Jenelle responded by talking to Courtland Rogers’ girlfriend, Samantha Lin. They supposedly had a 45 minute conversation, where they discussed who-knows-what, and by the end of it she made up her mind to dump Courtland.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ nude photo? Who do you believe is telling the truth amid all the squabbling?