February 26, 2014
Cameron Diaz On Healthy Body And Self Image Talks About 'The Body Book'

Many women -- and men -- admire Cameron Diaz for her good looks, which include an amazing body, perfect complexion, and seemingly hoards of self confidence, but when you take a look at her new book The Body Book, the road to loving herself has been anything but smooth.

Not many would believe that at some point in her life, the 41-year-old stunner had a face full of pimples because of all the junk food she ate growing up, which included sodas, fried food, and burritos.

"I literally had 50 cystic acnes all over my face," said Cameron during a panel discussion involving mothers and daughters for a segment with Maria Shriver on NBC, "I'm not exaggerating. You come to the place of starting to think, 'What is this really doing? If it's doing that to my face, what is it doing to my innards?'"

Cameron Diaz clearly states what you won't be reading about in her book:

"It is not a diet book. It is not a workout regimen. It is not a manual to becoming a different person."
What Cameron Diaz's does want people to take away from reading The Body Book is that they can learn to love and take care of their bodies, without becoming obsessed about how it looks.
"Here's what it is: a guide to becoming yourself. Because as you begin to learn more and more about your body, something amazing starts to happen: you begin to transform, on the inside and outside. You start to see how being healthy brings happiness into your life, how good it feels to be strong and able, how feeling good on the inside has an effect on everything else in your life. You will be the most beautiful and healthy and confident woman that you can be, and you deserve that, because YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU HAVE EVER IMAGINED."
Cameron Diaz book

When readers are done reading her book, Cameron Diaz says they will understand how their bodies work in conjunction with their minds and this will translate into feeling more powerful, because of the realization of how beautiful their bodies are.

However, Diaz insists this transformation didn't happen overnight for her and it won't happen overnight for those who decide to pick up her book, but it requires dedication and constancy.

"The truth is that there is NO SUCH THING as a quick fix or a magic pill that will make you a healthy, happy human being overnight. To be healthy means that you must not only learn how your body works and what it needs to be healthy, but you must also apply that knowledge as consistently as you can toward making the best decisions you can to achieve that health. It's an ongoing endeavor, not a one-time deal."
During a recent appearance on the Dr. Oz Show Cameron Diaz shared her diet and exercise regimen with viewers and stressed that everyone can look and feel better if they eat well and exercise regularly, "I like the way I look now, better than when I was 25, I'm okay with getting older. I like it."

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