February 26, 2014
All Men Must Die: Does New Game Of Thrones Trailer Hint at Tyrion's Fate With Dungeon Shot?

There's an old Valyrian saying in Game of Thrones: valar morghulis, or "all men must die." With the hit fantasy series just over a month away from its fourth season premiere, that could spell bad news for fan favorite Tyrion, who appears in a new teaser locked in a dungeon.

Metro UK on Wednesday pointed to the new Game of Thrones teasers from HBO. The Tyrion spot culminates in a shot of the sharp-tongued Lannister black sheep looking like he knows his number is up. Though it gives no indication what twists in the fourth Game of Thrones season will land Tyrion in jail, it does look like that could be the last stop for a beloved character in a series that is never shy on killing off anyone.

"Come for a last look?" a particularly morose Tyrion asks an unseen visitor.

Tyrion has suffered his share of troubles throughout Game of Thrones' run. The Lannister imp has made his way halfway across Westeros and back: facing imprisonment and trial by combat, and being named to lead the vanguard in no fewer than two major battles. He appears, though, to have upset the wrong powerful people this time around, and it could maybe cost him his head.

Other teasers include a look at Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones' "Mother of Dragons," as she comes to realize that her beloved dragons, while they may be formidable weapons of war, are also a liability. Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen will apparently spend much of the season struggling to maintain control of the city-states that she has liberated. The addition of three unruly and increasingly massive dragons can only add to her troubles.

A third trailer looks at the fortunes of the Stark children, who were scattered to the wind following the death of their father, Ned Stark. (We'd give you a Spoiler Alert there, but if you don't know that Ned Stark is dead by now, why exactly are you reading a season four preview? Get thee to an HBOGO account!) Ned's progeny are still in their separate places, and not a one of them looks any happier than we last saw them.

"You're not a child any more," says Littlefinger as images of the remaining Starks flash on the screen. Indeed they are not, even Arya, who is now inseparable in our minds from a certain Disney princess. No matter their age, though, they're men and women, now. And, as they say, valar morghulis.

As to who is going to die over then next season, that can be hard to predict, or at least we will say so as we act like we haven't devoured each and every book to date. In any case, it's almost certain the body count will be high. With the mysterious Purple Wedding already confirmed, we're betting the stakes are going to be just as high. Of course, Game of Thrones is set in a land where all men must die, so that goes without saying.