February 26, 2014
Julianne Moore To Play Ellen Page's Lover In New Movie: How Far Will They Go?

Julianne Moore will be playing a lesbian role with self-declared lesbian Ellen Page in the new movie "Freeheld."

This is one of the first movies Page will make since coming out as gay.

Moore will play a New Jersey police detective who is also Page's same-sex partner. Based on a true story, it relates how the officer was unable to assign her pension benefits to her partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Julianne Moore's casting was announced the day after Page came out at a conference for LGBT youth.

Page was addressing the Human Right Campaign's Time to THRIVE at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She said:

"I'm here today because I am gay and because maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility.
This will not be the first time that lesbianism has featured in a Julianne Moore film. In 2009 she starred in the erotic movie "Chloe" with Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson.

Moore's character became attracted to Seyfried which led to some intimate moments in the bedroom which left little to the imagination.

In the five years that have passed since then, sex has become depicted more explicitly - even in Hollywood. The much anticipated "Shades of Grey," now in production, is a good example of how some producers see the future.

How far Julianne Moore will be expected to go with Ellen Page we can only wait and guess.