Jennifer Lawrence Strikes A Pose For Dior, Twitter Thinks She's Stunning

Jennifer Lawrence isn't looking much like herself these days.

The Hunger Games star famously signed on to appear in a series of advertisements for Dior. However, a lot of Lawrence's fans believe French luxury goods company altered the images to the point that the actress looks a little inhuman.

According to Just Jared, the Jennifer Lawrence Dior ads will officially arrive in the US courtesy of Vanity Fair this April. Of course, this hasn't stopped the images from making the rounds online. While some have described the images as nothing short of "stunning," others firmly believe the Jennifer Lawrence ad is a full-blown Photoshop fail.

Check out some of the images below.

Philadelphia Magazine contributor Emily Leaman was particularly irritated with Jennifer's Dior ad. Although the writer understands that the use of Photoshop is an inevitable albeit unfortunate aspect of the fashion industry, she did take issue with the fact that Lawrence doesn't look much like herself in the new images.

Leaman explained:

"Besides the fact that I didn't immediately recognize her when I first looked at the photo, areas of particular note include her far-too-narrow shoulders (which look weirdly uneven to me, by the way), and her head, which wasn't shrunken down nearly enough to match her now-slimmer shoulders, giving her a definite bobble-head quality. I'll let you form your own opinion about those cheekbones, but here's the basic lesson here: When shrinking, shrink everywhere."
What do fans think about the Jennifer Lawrence Dior ads? If the the company spent too much time running the images through Photoshop, then the majority of her fans really don't seem to mind. Check out some reactions below.Of course, not everyone is impressed with Dior's effort.Do you think Jennifer Lawrence's Dior ad is stunning or a Photoshop fail?