Pharrell Williams: Makes New 'G I R L' Album Available To Stream Ahead Of Release

Pharrell Williams doesn't seem to want to stay out of the public eye as he makes headlines today for making his new album titled G I R L available to stream on iTunes for free as of Tuesday night. This new album is Williams' second solo album. The Album is available for purchase next week on March 3rd. Williams' G I R L album contains 10 tracks, and it does contain his popular single "Happy". Pharrell has also enlisted the help of popular musicians to make his album great.

Pharrell's album features the legendary composer Han Zimmer on his first track titled "Marilyn Monroe". This single must be epic if Han Zimmer is composing with his orchestra, and you can expect to feel a cinematic style to this single. Han Zimmer has composed big action movies such as: The Amazing Spider Man, and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

For Williams' second track, called "Brand New", it features the one and only Justin Timberlake. The duo perform a conga style duet for this track, that will have fans dancing their hearts out.

The next recruit is Miley Cyrus performing a duet with Williams that's called "Come Get it Bae" for his 6th track on the album. I'm sure this track will take audience by surprise just like anything else Miley Cyrus is involved in.

Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk made the summer hit "Get Lucky", and now they are together again for Williams' album performing a single called "Gust of Wind."

For his 9th track Williams teams up with the talented Alicia Keys for the track called "I know Who You Are." This track is a soulful single that is meant to show Williams sensitive side.

Williams' G I R L album is meant to be positive, and a celebration for woman. This album will definitely bring in tons of female fans, and show Williams respect towards Women.

Pharrell Williams could not have released his new album at a better time with all the good publicity he's been getting lately. Pharrell is only 40-years-old, and his career is skyrocketing. His hit single "Happy" is making its way up to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's hard not to be excited for anyone doing this well in their career, and it makes fans want to see what Pharrell will do next.

If you want to see more of Pharrell Williams, you can look forwards to seeing him perform his hit single "Happy" at this years 86th Annual Oscar Awards on March 2nd.