Watch Galatasaray Vs. Chelsea Football Live Online, UEFA Champions League

Football fans can watch the Galatasaray Vs. Chelsea match live online as the clubs square off in the UEFA Champions League.

Those watching the match will need to see the Turkish champions play a nearly flawless match to progress to the UEFA quarterfinals — something even Galatasaray manager Roberto Mancini agrees with.”It’s a young team, like ours,” Mancini said. ”We are young. I think that Chelsea are on top of the Premier League because they are a top team. ‘They have really good players – these players who can change the game at any moment. ‘They have fantastic players who are used to playing games like this. I think they have an 80 per cent chance of going through.”The match between Galatasaray Vs. Chelsea takes place Wednesday at 19:45 GMT from Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul.

Fans who watch the Galatasaray Vs. Chelsea football match live online will also see a Chelsea team dealing with controversy. The club’s manager Jose Mourinho caused a stir this week when he was overheard questioning the age of striker Samuel Eto’o.

”The problem with Chelsea is I lack a striker. He (Eto’o) is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows?”

Mourinho later backtracked.

”From my perspective, the comment is obviously not a good one, and obviously not something I would do in a serious way, something I would not do an official way in an interview,” he said. “First of all, because I don’t make fun. Secondly, because if there are managers in the world who really defend their players, I’m obviously one of them.

”And third because Samuel Eto’o is Samuel Eto’o. He’s four times a Champions League winner: people think three times, but one in Real Madrid, two in Barcelona and one with Inter.”

Football fans can watch the Galatasaray Vs. Chelsea football match by click here for the link to Sky Sports (registration may be required). Coverage is also available on the BBC Sport website.