February 26, 2014
Robin Thicke Cancels Third Show Following Split From Paula Patton

Robin Thicke has announced the cancellation of yet another one of the concerts of his American tour following the news that he and his wife of nine-years, Paula Patton have split.

The less-than-surprising news of their separation came earlier this week following months of rumors that their relationship was troubled and the less than husbandly behavior on Thicke's part, who has allegedly been unfaithful and was caught grabbing an overly affectionate fan's behind in a shot seen round the world.

Robin Thicke fan

Whether or not the couple -- who have known each other since they were both teenagers -- began to have problems following the now infamous MTV VMAs performance of Thicke and Miley Cyrus is not clear, but sources close to the pair have said that that was a big test for their marriage.

Even though Robin Thicke and his wife denied they were having problems, after rumors began to surface that their lengthy relationship was on the rocks, they kept a united front and as recently as February 22, were seen together for the Grammy's, however she famously skipped the twerking performance at the VMAs.

But there was trouble brewing in the horizon and on Monday the official announcement came from Paula Patton's rep that she and Thicke had mutually decided to end their marriage:

"We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time."

Not so fast though. Apparently Robin Thicke is having second thoughts and according to TMZ he has not given up on his wife Paula just yet.

The website clams that on Friday, Paula Patton -- who is in Vancouver shooting a film -- phoned Robin Thicke and said she wanted a divorce, he immediately dropped everything and flew to Canada to try to convince her to change her mind to no avail.

robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Robin Thicke is known as a party animal, however, he has not been seen in public except for his live performances and has reportedly told Patton he can change his straying ways.

The "Blurred Lines" singer is reportedly worried about raising the couple's three-year-old son Julian in two separate households, even though Paula is allegedly bent on divorcing him.

Following the news of the cancellation of yet another concert, Robin Thicke released the following statement:

"I never want to let down my fans but I have unfortunately lost my voice and cannot perform tomorrow night."

On his website the singer said:

"I want to thank everyone for the well wishes these last few days. My fans mean everything to me. I'm looking forward to getting back on out on the road and performing in Washington DC this Thursday, and the rest of the tour. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!"

Many believe that the real reason Robin Thicke is not returning to perform is his troubled relationship and the risk of losing his family, not the vocal problems he alleges.

[Image via Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com]