February 26, 2014
Nicki Minaj's Face Is Now Permanently Inked On Scaff Beezy's Chest

Nicki Minaj's rumored boyfriend recently showed just how dedicated he is to the rapper.

Although Scaff Breezy (aka Safaree Samuels) and the performer have never publicly confirmed their romantic relationship, the folks over at The Boom Box believe the pair have dated for many years. Whether that's true is anybody's guess.

If Minaj and Breezy aren't a couple, then her so-called "hype man" obviously hasn't received the message. Scaff recently shared a photo on Instagram, an image that proves he's completely dedicated to Nicki and her career.

To compliment the Nicki Minaj tattoos that are already inked into his skin, Breezy decided to get the rapper's face permanently attached to his right pectoral. Apparently he already has an image of Minaj on his arm, a design that reportedly took six hours to complete. Now that's dedication.

Check out Breezy's other Minaj-oriented tattoo.

Of course, you don't need to date Nicki Minaj to have her name, lyrics, or visage tattooed on your flesh. A quick search on Twitter turned up a number of intricate and admittedly strange tattoos featuring the rapper's likeness. Her fans are certainly a dedicated lot.

Here are some examples of fan devotion.

Those who are on the fence about getting their own Nicki tattoo could take the plunge once the rapper drops her new album The Pink Print later this year. Minaj's track "Lookin A** N****" is already a hot commodity in the hip hop community, though she seems dedicated to proving that her skills stretch way beyond dance beats and pop songs.

"What's next is just a classic album. That's all I can think about right now. When it's all said and done, none of [Fashion Week events] matters to me more than creating a classic album right now," she recently told DJ Drama about the new record.

Are you a fan of Nicki Minaj? Would you ever consider getting the rapper's name or likeness permanently inked into your skin?