Heisman Winner Jameis Winston Goes Hitless Against The New York Yankees

Heisman winning quarterback Jameis Winston went hitless yesterday against the New York Yankees. No, that isn't a typo. Winston, who led Florida State to a National Championship over Auburn in the BCS title game last month, also plays baseball for his school as well. And on Tuesday, February 25, Jameis got to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing against his favorite team growing up, the New York Yankees.

"It was surreal," Winston told reporters after the game. "It was probably better than winning a national championship."
While he quickly remarked that he was only kidding, it's hard for Winston not to appreciate the moment. Jameis grew up in awe of Yankees like Mark Texiera, Jorge Posada and of course, Derek Jeter. In fact, according to a blog post on the NY Daily News web site, Jameis was definitely mesmerized by the experience:
"I was kind of star-struck," he said of his meeting with Jeter outside the FSU clubhouse. "I just kept telling him it was an honor to meet him – and it really was. I guess it feels like when I talk to little kids, how they feel sometimes. Sometimes they'll be speechless and that's how I was with Mr. Jeter."
Winston, who won the Heisman Trophy award on Saturday, December 14, 2013, then followed it up by leading Florida State over Auburn on January 6th, is the rare athlete capable of playing more than one sport as demonstrated on Tuesday. The fact that so highly a coveted an NFL prospect like Winston would risk injury has many experts scratching their head. But to Winston, it's a no-brainer. As reported on ESPN, he said:
"I'm just 20 years old, man, living my life, and I want to play both [football and baseball] as long as I can," Winston said. "Like I said, it's just me having fun with those guys in the clubhouse. I love both of them, I got a strong passion for both.
Still, Winston is clearly not as gifted a talent when it comes to baseball as he is leading Florida State in football - a fact he clearly acknowledges as he went hitless against the Yankees:

"I gotta get better with the bat," Winston mentioned in the article by ESPN. "[I've] been struggling this spring, but that's baseball, man. When you get back in the rhythm, you can go 0-for-2 with two strikeouts, but I only got one, so that's the only positive I got out of the day."

That and the fact that Heisman winner Jameis Winston got to play against his idol Derek Jeter and his favorite team the New York Yankees.