Beyoncé Knowles Sings Happy Birthday For Her Fan

Beyoncé Knowles may be currently touring but that doesn't mean she doesn't have time to take out for a very special fan. As far as special deeds go, Beyonce was happy to multitask and sing a special rendition of Happy Birthday for a star-struck fan during her Birmingham concert.

While performing her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour for fans at the LG Arena, Beyoncé Knowles spotted a fan holding a sign that said it was her birthday 22 birthday. That person was uber Beyoncé fan Shehnaz Khan, who went to the concert for her birthday and got the biggest surprise of her life when Knowles took out the time to oblige in the traditional birthday song.

According to the Telegraph, Knowles went over to the group after she saw the sign and asked, "You got the sign and everything, What's your name and how do you spell it?"

The birthday girl, who is a student at City University, was so shell-shocked that Beyonce sang her Happy Birthday that she apparently didn't even realize that she was recording the whole thing on her smartphone. This is sure to be a memory that she will never soon forget.

According to the Beyoncé fan's Twitter bio, she's a Freelance Journalist for Yahoo's Celeb site in the UK and also a Senior Press Officer at a Booking and PR Agency for brands, musicians, DJs, presenters, sportsmen and media personalities. The company, DLA, seemed to be just as excited as Shehnaz as they tweeted out the story when the Beyoncé news started to surface.

Shehnaz took to Twitter to let her excitement out about Beyoncé's special Happy Birthday rendition:

Recently Knowles hit the stage at the BRIT awards for the first time in ten years. For the awards ceremony the "Crazy in Love" singer debuted her new song "XO" for fans. Like "Drunk In Love" Beyoncé's new song "XO" comes with its own set of controversy. Right after its release the singer was criticized for using audio from the 1986 NASA Challenger explosion. Overcoming the media blitz by apologizing, Beyoncé released a statement having said:

"My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the Challenger disaster. The song 'XO' was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen, so love and appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you. The songwriters included the audio in tribute to the unselfish work of the Challenger crew with hope that they will never be forgotten."

Beyoncé's album Beyoncé is currently out in stores for purchase, and her tour ends March 27 in Portugal.

[Image credit: skw234567 via photopin cc]