Time Warner Cable’s Customer Service Ranks As One Of The Worst

Time Warner Cable’s customer service is presently considered one of the worst in the country.

Although every company struggles to keep their customers happy on one level or another, some are definitely better at it than others. When people are completely dissatisfied with how they’ve been treated by someone in the service department, chances are they’re going to share these experiences online.

In a recent poll put together at Ranker, Time Warner Cable found its name towards the very top. The company landed in the number two position, beating out 103 other candidates on the list.

While Time Warner Cable ranks as the second-worst on the recent poll, there’s one company that folks believe is much worse when it comes to customer service. The folks at AT&T ranked as the absolute worst, though it’s doubtful this ranking will lead to any significant changes behind-the-scenes.

As BGR points out, the recent poll is pretty far from scientific. In short: People simply stop by the site and cast their votes for the ones that rubbed them the wrong way. However, it certainly shows which corporations are presently irritating the masses.

In addition to Time Warner Cable and AT&T, Bank of America and Walmart found their names towards the top of the Ranker list. American Airlines, Comcast, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Citibank, Best Buy, and Dell round out the top 10.

According to CNN, customer service and high-speed internet prices are the reason customers aren’t happy about the proposed Time Warner Cable and Comcast merger. In fact, lots of folks on Twitter seem to think the arrangement is downright evil.

Of course, TWC CEO Robert Marcus doesn’t seem things from their perspective. He said, “Comcast and Time Warner Cable have been the leaders in all of the industry’s most important innovations of the last 25 years and this merger will accelerate the pace of that innovation.”

If Marcus wants to know how customers feel about the merger and his company’s level of customer satisfied, then he needs to take a look at Twitter every once in a while.

Wow, the efficiency of Comcast combined with the great customer service of Time Warner? Win-win!

— Tom Tomorrow (@tomtomorrow) February 13, 2014

Are you surprised that Time Warner Cable’s customer service recently ranked as one of the absolute worst? Are there any companies you would put ahead of TWC and AT&T?

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