The Galaxy S5: Samsung Unveils Its Newest Features

The new Galaxy S5 was revealed on Monday by Samsung, and this new device is full of new features, and processing power. The Galaxy S5 is the 5th generation version in the Galaxy S series.

Most of the rumors that were originally circulating about the phone are actually true. One of the new display features on the phone is the new screen, which is 5.1 inch display screen that is still 1080p. Samsung has also changed how the back of the Galaxy S5 feels by removing the slim, glossy plastic battery cover the S4 had. Samsung is calling it the "modern glam" look. The new design on the back of the S5 is designed for the phone to feel comfortable, and to reduce the tendency of the phone to slide off surfaces like the S4 would.

The Galaxy S5 is also water-resistant, and it can go under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes at a time. The Fingerprint scanner is added in there to compete against Apple's Iphone 5s fingerprint scanner. The S5 scanner can be used to unlock the phone, and to authenticate purchases from your cell phone. The fingerprint scanner requires a vertical swipe on the phone.

The Galaxy S5 has a faster 2.5GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of Ram, a larger battery that promises 20 percent better stamina. To stop the loss of power, Samsung has added a new lower power conservation mode to the S5 for when your phone is low on charge.

One of the best parts of a new phone is always the camera features. Samsung has upgraded the S5 camera to a 16-megapixel sensor with 4k video capabilities, and the phone is now able to support HDR processing for better photos in mixed lighting.

Samsung is trying to be more fitness oriented then most companies, so they added a new fitness software on the Galaxy S5. This program is called the S Health 3.0, Samsung states:

"provides a comprehensive personal fitness tracker to help users monitor and manage their behavior,along with additional tools including a pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a new, built-in heart rate monitor."

Samsung's goals with the Galaxy S5 is to make it faster, sleeker, and more comfortable to have in your hands. Samsung has not released a price yet, but the Galaxy S5 will be available to 150 different countries starting April 11th. The Galaxy S5 comes in four different colors: Charcoal,Black,Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold.

So start saving up for your Galaxy S5 today!