Justin Timberlake Reacts To Fan Flipping Him The Bird At Philly Concert

Justin Timberlake is currently in the middle of his 20/20 Experience World Tour. Usually when a pop star with Timberlake's recognition goes out on the road every now and then a highlight from a show grabs a few headlines. It seems that Timberlake's Philly concert, which was a while back, has finally gone viral after a member of the audience decided to give the "SexyBack" singer a very specific message. Instead of praise, the unidentified woman gave Timberlake the most unsuspecting gift a fan could give: her middle finger.

The audience member in question isn't revealed but the unidentified woman does have excellent seats, which Timberlake decided to point out once she threw her middle finger up in the air for him to see. The incident happened during a rare portion of the show where Timberlake talks to the audience before going into a call and response version of "Summer Love." Most pop stars will have a little back and forth with their audience, but Timberlake's show is so energetic and hyper-focused that the former Nsync frontman barely has time to catch his breath let alone have the chance to go back and forth with an audience member.

However, the fact that a member of the audience gave him the middle finger was too good of an opportunity not play off of. The move stopped Timberlake in his tracks and made for an extremely awkward but hilariously candid moment with his Philly audience.

Justin called out to the audience member, singling the woman out for flipping him the bird, "You got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f***ing sense."

After Timberlake received some hooting and hollering it was revealed that the woman just wanted to get his attention. After the singer admitted that it worked, he decided to have the crowd participate in flipping the bird so that it wouldn't happen again, and so the show could move on.

Obviously amused by the weird moment, Timberlake addressed his audience after flipping everyone the bird. His middle finger was met with a loud applause and cheers. Before he moved on to his next song Timberlake admitted, "That's also the weirdest moment I've ever had with a crowd. Thank you!"

Justin Timberlake is currently touring North America to support his album The 20/20 Experience. His world tour starts on March 30 at Motorpoint Arena Sheffield in Sheffield, United Kingdom. He finishes his tour in Iceland on August 28.

[Image credit: photo credit: ultra5280 via photopin cc]