Demi Lovato, Little Mix Don't Have A Lot Of Time To Bond On The Road

Todd Rigney

Demi Lovato doesn't get to spend a lot of time chatting with her tourmates.

Although you'd think the singer and her fellow performers would get a moment to talk while out on the road, apparently this isn't the case. Despite the close proximity to one another, their schedules ultimately get in the way.

Perrie Edwards recently had a chat with Ryan Seacrest, a conversation that ultimately turned to the amount of time she spends with Demi Lovato. Unfortunately, it would appear that the former X Factor judge doesn't get a lot of time to bond with her opening act.

"We haven't actually spent that much time with Demi at the minute but it's because whenever we are getting ready, we have to go on and then when she's getting ready, she goes on so we kind of miss each other a bit," Edwards explained.

The singer continued, "But, hopefully, we'll get together and we'll hang out and she can give us advice and stuff because she's been in the industry awhile now and she's amazing."

However, it appears the feeling is certainly mutual. Lovato explained last year that she was definitely a fan of Little Mix. If she didn't enjoy the group's music, then she probably wouldn't have tapped them for her tour.

"They have incredible vocals, they're super talented. Little Mix, I think they're really going to blow up. I think they're beautiful, talented girls and I'm a fan," Demi told Capital FM

The "Neon Lights" singer added:

"I think [girl bands and boy bands], they're making a huge break-out in the United States and just everywhere because I think there's a time, the crave for group acts is back. You know, they're all really talented. So I think we're back in kind of that era of group acts and boy bands and it's fun, and the girl group thing is huge."

"I met Demi when I performed one of my songs on the US 'X Factor.' She was lovely and very down-to-earth. And then, a couple of months later, I got a phone call saying she'd love for me to jump on a song of hers!" she explained.

Cher added, "She's very talented and the song has a feel-good vibe. It's all about girl power—Demi and I are both very strong and very independent."

Are you surprised that Demi Lovato doesn't get to spend much time with Little Mix and her other tourmates on the road?