Saudi Arabia To Unveiled Women: Don’t Go To Girls’ Schools

Saudi Arabia’s education departments are implementing a new rule that will ban unveiled women from entering girls’ schools, Saudi Gazette reports.

In a memo addressed to school principals, education departments in some regions of Saudi Arabia are mandating girls’ schools to abide by Islamic regulations. One of the entries in the memo is a rule preventing female employees and visitors who are not wearing veils from entering the campuses.

Male and female guards of the Saudi Arabia schools covered by the memo are asked to uphold the honor of their profession by strictly subscribing to these regulations.

The ban on unveiled women in girls’ schools is just one of the many new rules that the education departments of Saudi Arabia will be implementing on the academic institutions.

Another on the list of new regulations is the restriction of female employees and students from leaving their campuses before school hours unless they have secured permission from the head of school.

Men are allowed to enter the campuses on the condition that they secure permission from the female principal and that they follow strict regulations regarding gender separation.

The memo also mandates drivers of female students in private cars to constantly surrender their identity cards for regular inspection.

Female guards of the schools will be given more responsibilities as they undertake the task of observing female visitors closely whenever they roam around the campus. They will also be giving assistance to teachers-in-charge in carefully watching out for female students who might break school schedules provided to them.

Saudi Arabia’s education departments have particularly stressed to the recipients of the memo to report any violation of these rules to security authorities.

Saudi Arabia has been on the hot seat for the past decades for its policies towards their women population. Non-profit group Human Rights Watch report that these unfair policies include a ban on driving and a prohibition on travelling without a male guardian’s consent.

CNN reported October that at least twenty-five Saudi Arabia women challenged the Kingdom’s ban on women driving by going behind the wheel and cruising the streets on their own. Some of the women protesters even filmed themselves driving the streets of Saudi Arabia and uploaded their videos on YouTube. Five of the protesters were stopped by authorities and were asked to sign a pledge saying never to drive again.

Another report of Saudi Arabia’s mistreatment of women came to Inquisitr November 2012 when they were revealed to have developed plans to electronically track every woman in the kingdom.

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