Weight Loss Tip: Enriched Flour Is Your Number One Enemy

Weight Loss can be achieved by adding good habits to your daily diet and activity. One easy weight loss habit to pick up is to eat whole grain bread products exclusively avoiding all enriched flour bread products.

Enriched flour sounds good by name but it actually contains a toxic form of metallic Iron according to Global Healing Center. "Iron is a 'nutrient' added to enriched flour, except the type of iron added is not really a nutrient at all, but is considered a metallic iron. Metallic iron is not bio available to the human body and was never meant to be consumed."

Enriched flour is produced by stripping the wheat germ, the outside shell of each individual grain, making flour from what is leftover, then injecting so-called nutrients. The germ of the grain contains all the fiber and nutrients your body needs to lose weight and stay healthy. Whole grain flour is made by crushing the whole grain, germ and all.

Global Healing Center also reports that eating refined carbohydrates like enriched flour is just like eating sugar and throws a wrench in your weight loss plans. "Once this stuff has been stripped down, you're left with a starch. How does your body react to pure starch? The same way it reacts to pure sugar! The consumption of enriched white flour or products containing enriched white flour causes your body to scream through the ride of a sugar high/low roller coaster." Sugar is the number one contributor to weight gain and number one enemy in the fight for weight loss.

WebMD published a study in 2004 that demonstrated the health benefits of whole grains which leads to weight loss. "Whole-grain foods have already been found to help protect against heart disease and certain cancers, and the newly published study is one of several that indicates there is a protective role for whole grains against a constellation of major risk factors that lead to metabolic syndrome -- a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and the development of type 2 diabetes."

"I think people understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, but when it comes to whole grains the message has pretty much been lost," researcher Nicola M. McKeown, PhD, tells WebMD. "That is in part because consumers don't really understand what whole-grain foods are."

In my personal weight loss experience, as an avid grocery shopper and nutrition label reader, less than one quarter of all bread products in the grocery store are made with whole grain flour. This includes chains like Trader Joe's, Sprout's, and Whole Foods, that appear to have healthier products. In general these chains carry about fifty percent whole grain bread products. One of the keys to weight loss and managing your weight is learning to read nutrition labels and forming a habit around doing it every time you choose your food. I lost fifty pounds in the last eight months by incorporating this habit, among others, into my life.

The good news for babies across America is that Cheerio's is made with whole grains. It's a good start. Let's teach our children to continue to eat whole grains before they even have to worry about weight loss.

Weight loss requires change. Switching to whole grains is simple way to help lose weight.