Farrah Abraham: I Would Let My Daughter Get Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham said she would have no problem supporting her 4-year-old Sophia in her decisions —- even if that decision is plastic surgery.

The former Teen Mom and amateur sex tape star said she would have no problem taking little Sophia to the plastic surgeon if that was what she really wanted.

“I have to say, we very much believe that we are pretty,” Abraham told Radar Online. “We are secure people. But if there’s something that she can’t live with, then yes go for it!” But she does have one stipulation.

But Farrah Abraham isn’t going overboard. She said Sophia would have to wait until she is at least 18 before going under the knife.

“Like myself, I waited till I was 18,” Abraham said. “If she would like to do that, she’s her own adult. And … if it’s for a real reason.”

Farrah had quite a bit of work done, including breast implants, lip injections, and work on her nose and chin.

“I envisioned myself looking one way and I changed it,” Abraham said. “And I’m still happy and I don’t b***h about my looks anymore.”

But Farrah said she is staying away from the plastic surgeon’s table, for a while at least.

“I feel like if I am preventing aging, yes, and there’s always little things that I can do,” she said. “But at this time right now, my esthetician and my doctors don’t recommend that, so I’m not going to.”

Even at 22, Farrah Abraham has lived a busy but controversial life. Aside from her now infamous sex tape, the MTV reality show star has written two books and released her own hot pepper sauce.

She recently appeared in an MTV program Being Farrah, in which she addressed the controversy surrounding her sex tape.

“Making a sex tape changed the course of my life forever, but some of my biggest challenges have been my greatest teachers,” she said. “I live without regret.”

Farrah Abraham didn’t say what other things she would allow Sophia to emulate from her own life.