Jamie Dornan Wraps ‘Fifty Shades’, Heads To ‘The Fall’ With Gillian Anderson

Irish actor Jamie Dornan has wrapped his time in Vancouver, Canada, filming the erotic adaptation Fifty Shades Of Grey and now heads to Belfast to shoot the second season of the crime miniseries The Fall, opposite Gillian Anderson.

The two productions couldn’t be more opposed in their nature and Dornan, who has become better known after being cast as the troubled multi-millionaire Christian Grey, will now transform into the serial killer Paul Spector, who is married and has two children that don’t know his real identity.

The Fall was scheduled to begin shooting Monday and Anderson has a warning for the show’s fans:

“I’ve read the scripts and viewers are going to be so shocked. I can’t give anything away except to tell you to expect the unexpected. You won’t believe what’s going to happen.”

Jamie Dornan The Fall

That’s enough to make everyone interested in watching Jamie Dornan in one of his best known roles alongside the former X-Files star, who plays DSI Stella Gibson.

The Fall is set in Northern Ireland and follows the story of the Police Service investigation into a string of recent murders. When the organization is unable to solve the case after 28-days, DNI Gibson, of the Metropolitan Police takes over and begins the man hunt for Paul Spector, who is attacking young professional women in Belfast.

The production is scheduled to take up to four months to complete and not many details have surfaced from either Dornan or Gillian, who is excited to be filming with the new romantic leading man who has seen his career take off after being cast in Fifty Shades.

“It’s such a friendly place and I love filming there.”

“I’m looking forward to catching up with Jamie Dornan. His career has just taken off. Look how well he is doing. It’s going to be so good. He’s done so well.”

The Fall shoot was originally scheduled to start in January, but due to Jamie Dornan’s commitment with Fifty Shades Of Grey and Gillian Anderson’s own work schedule forced producers were forced to push things back to February 24.

Jamie Dornan has become an almost instant hit, after the initial problems finding “the” Christian Grey producers were looking for, but don’t get any ideas ladies, he is very much taken and in November of 2013 the former Calvin Klein model and his wife welcomed a baby girl.

[Image courtesy of The Fall/Artists Studio]