Ellen DeGeneres Surprises University Of Illinois Students With Costume Contest

Ellen DeGeneres surprised the University of Illinois campus today after dropping hints on Twitter all weekend long that she would be making an appearance. She even started a hashtag for the event labeled #ellenois. According to the hashtag Ellen DeGeneres has staged a massive, movie themed costume contest that has students vying for a “mystery” first place prize.

No one is sure if this is related to Ellen’s job hosting the Oscars this coming Sunday or if it’s merely a publicity stunt for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. All anyone knows is that if Ellen is involved, it’s going to be fun.

Already at the Ellen DeGeneres event there have been reports of kooky costumes and even a live pig! Check out some of the tweets below to follow the saga of Ellen DeGeneres on the campus of University of Illinois:

@TheEllenShow: Wow, this crowd at the University of Illinois is incredible! #Ellenois pic.twitter.com/SRSTlYsflz” I-L-L! I-N-I!

— Maddie Douglass (@maddie_douglass) February 24, 2014