Ariana Grande Accused Of Using Cocaine By Perez Hilton

In what seems like insane news, Perez Hilton is at it again. This time, he's accusing Nickelodeon star and recent singing sensation Ariana Grande of doing cocaine. How Hilton found this information out is unknown, but he claims in a tweet that someone saw her doing it, and he wanted to express his concerns. Hilariously, Grande has been known to be clean and rarely the party type. But Hilton dealt a blow with his tweet to her days ago, saying:

"Are you okay? I heard someone saw you doing cocaine at a party this weekend. Stay away from drugs Ariana!!! I'm praying for you! You can overcome this!!"
Obviously Hilton has always thought he was God by being able to produce relatively on tap stories on celebrities. He has managed to become sort of a celeb in his own right. However, going after the 20-year-old Ariana Grande? Look Perez, we get you want to start stuff and get in the news, but come on man!

What made things even worse and somewhat stalker level was that Hilton called her brother and even Nickelodeon, the network that airs her show "Sam & Cat" that she stars with alongside Jennette McCurdy in.

Understand this, despite the fact he has no proof that Grande used cocaine at a party, he is going above and beyond to prove it. Interestingly enough, he claims he called her brother and Nick due to concern over Grande. Let's be honest, he was trying to find out information to write on. Trust me, we at the Inquisitr understand this. The thing is, we know when to not overdo it.

Grande didn't respond to any tweets from Hilton, which obviously didn't settle well with him. However, her fans had no issue expressing their dislike for him accusing Grande of such an act. This in turn did not seem to settle with Hilton, as he said on Twitter:

"For every day your fans continue to spam me on social media, I will continue to tweet you. I know you see my tweets. I win! :-)."
Oh yes Perez, you somehow "won" in this endeavor. Tell me though, what exactly did you win by accusing someone, without any actual proof, of doing cocaine? If you had pictures or several witnesses who could vouch for such a thing, then I could get it.Yet his source, which we may never know the name of, somehow holds more ground than the facts.

Grande ended up finally talking about the issue somewhat, telling her fans:

"'Arianators,' I know u don't like when ppl say bad things about me please don't wish negativity upon any1. Don't give up your light, I ♥ U."
There was some speculation that Ariana would be taking Hilton to court over slander and may still do so. Tweets from Grande and Hilton regarding the issue have now been deleted according to Grande's representatives. Whether or not she will, in fact, take Hilton to court is a mystery. Although having plans, that does not always mean someone will do something.

This did attack her character, and with no real proof Hilton was going off of speculation. Then on top of it all, he didn't even bother to contact her privately. He did all of this in a public manner, and was simply doing it to get attention if you ask most regarding the situation.

Whether or not Ariana Grande used cocaine or currently does it is up in the air. One this is for sure though, Hilton should look into more legitimate sources before going out with information such as this in a public forum.