Cassadee Pope Releases New Music Video

Season three winner of The Voice Cassadee Pope has released the music video for her new single I Wish I Could Break Your Heart.

Pope released her debut country album Frame By Frame, in October 2013. She revealed, during an interview with, that she wanted to make a country album with a little bit of pop and rock influences. “My influences are so all over the place, but it’s also cohesive,” she said.

Pope said that she discovered her country roots after she performed Over You, a song that Blake Shelton wrote with his wife Miranda Lambert about his brother’s death, on The Voice.

“Adam [Levine] signed off and said, ‘This is what you should be doing and I think you found your niche,'” Pope said. “That really stuck with me because I didn’t really think going into singing that song that I was going country. I just thought, ‘This is an awesome song with beautiful lyrics. I want to tell a story with this song.'”

It really got the wheels turning in my head. Then the song went to No. 1 on iTunes, and I was like, ‘Wow! This is really translating well. Maybe I can go back to my country roots and still do that pop rock thing that I’m doing now and be able to do it all.’

The new song, written by Gordie Sampson, Ashley Monroe and Jon Green, is described, by Pope, as having a “snarky, interesting negative side.”

It’s not make or break. It’s not a heartbroken song where the world’s going to end but it’s a song about loving somebody. It’s a great relationship; you’re happy but you know that they could break you so easily and you feel so vulnerable. And you feel too weak compared to them and you wish if you could see if you could break them if they would fall apart. If they would fall to pieces. I think that’s a really cool and honest lyric. It’s an outside song and I just love what it says.

Pope also compared her new single to Faith Hill’s 2002 hit, Cry. “You just wish that that other person would feel a little more and you wish that you could almost make them cry, just to know that you have that power over them,” Pope explained. “But, it’s overall a very happy song. I love the silly, playful undertone that that song has.”

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