Is Lady Gaga Getting Married??

Lady Gaga took to the streets of her beloved New York in a way that only Gaga can…. dressed as – it’s tough to tell exactly what Gaga was dressed as today! But she definitely made a splash with her fans and the paparazzi. When you live in New York City, you never know what you will see when you walk down the street: protests, models, freaks, Gaga dressed as a ghostly sea urchin wearing a bridal gown! Well that’s what some lucky Little Monsters ran into recently when they got to see Lady Gaga in all of her odd glory.

Why was Gaga dressed as a futuristic sea creature, even coming equipped with a bouquet to throw to her adoring fans? The “dress” was an all white bodysuit, with what looked like sea urchin fossils embroidered on the entire outfit. The lycra material was form fitting and showed off Gaga’s toned physique and curves, leaving little to the imagination. To accentuate her look, she wore enormous white platform shoes that had to be at least 6-8 inches off the ground. Topping off the ensemble, Gaga wore her trademark flowing white wig and a mask that looked like a pair of bicycle tires. Wow…. now that’s a getup that any mother would love.

One has to wonder what Gaga’s inspiration for the outfit really was. Could it be that she, and long-time boyfriend Taylor Kinney, are about to tie the knot? Kinney is the star of the NBC drama, Chicago Fire. On Thursday, in coordination with Gaga’s virtual “wedding” on the streets of NYC, he took to Twitter to ask his 191k followers to provide him with some poems…. Is he looking for help writing wedding vows?

Can someone write a poem quick? Something good, please.

Lady gaga decided to play along with her beau, tweeting a poem back to him hours later:

I love my baby down to sleep, and pray The Lord his soul to keep. Can u pass me the goldfish and the remote?

Now that is a poem for you! The pair have been dating, albeit on and off, since they met on the set of her music video for You And I in the middle of 2011. Gaga even dressed “normally” when accompanying Taylor to this year’s Grammy Awards in January. Now that is love!

As Lady Gaga stood before her devoted Little Monsters, she turned around and threw the white bouquet (matching her gown) over her shoulder. Will the luck fan become Lady Gaga’s hubby….. or will it be Taylor Kinney? Only time will tell, but as we know with Gaga, she will always keep us guessing and interested.