Michael Jackson’s Music Will Promote New Smartphone

Although Michael Jackson is long gone his music most certainly lives on in various forms. After Jackson’s death fans bought his discography for months after his passing, which helped the Michael Jackson Estate at the time with its money troubles. Although the estate still has debt issues, perhaps Jackson’s new posthumous deal with get them out of their multi-million dollar rut.

According to CNN, Sony has just announced a new partnership with Jackson in the form of a tie in deal which will use the King of Pop’s music for an exclusive endorsement with their new smartphone. Within the announcement Sony stated that Jackson’s previously unreleased track “Slave to the Rhythm” will be set as the song which will endorse the new wave of smartphones.

Even though this is exciting news, and will secure Jackson’s continued footprint in the music industry, some of his biggest fans aren’t impressed. The reason being is that Jackson’s song “Slave to the Rhythm” isn’t as new as Sony is advertising. The 90-second clip of the video debuted to various journalists to launch the campaign for their Xperia Z2 phone is taking a bit of a hit from Jackson’s enthusiasts.

Sony had issue over the song’s leak when it was put up on Youtube and Soundcloud. We reported the statement Michael Jackson Estate released when the leak blew up on the internet. Back then Michael Jackson’s song titled “Slave 2 The Rhythm” featured vocals by Justin Bieber. Soon after the leak Sony Music Entertainment took the song down off of Youtube and Soundcloud posts claiming it was copyrighted.

Michael Jackson’s Estate released a statement at the time via the official Twitter:

“For those who have been asking about the recently posted recording of ‘Slave 2 The Rhythm’ by Michael and Justin Bieber, this recording was not authorized. We can assure you that the Estate is quite upset about the leak and is doing everything in its power to get the song removed from as many sites and YouTube channels as possible.”

Still fans seem to think they have outsmarted Sony as they had their hands on the song before this big announcement regarding their mobile phones.

Ooooohhhh the disappointment!!!! Why not just release a new album!!! You have the material too! @michaeljackson

— Tanisha Woods (@ShandreaNashea) February 24, 2014

@ShandreaNashea Exactly!! I got the song back in 2010, I have 3 different versions of that song, hah!

— Victor Toivonen (@VictorToivonen) February 24, 2014

The history of this song goes back to 1998, as it was said that Michael Jackson worked on it during his Dangerous sessions. The track obviously didn’t make that album. Following the Xperia Z2 phone announcement, The Estate released a statement about the new partnership.

“The Estate of Michael Jackson and Epic Records are very excited about the partnership with Sony Mobile announced this morning at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.”

Looks like we will be hearing a whole lot of Michael Jackson in the near future.