Weight Loss: The Chris Ross Story

Another weight loss inspirational story has headlined today, and this story is about Chris Ross. Ross is the executive chef at Bristol Catering in his hometown Louisville, Kentucky. When Ross was in high school, he started gaining weight because he worked at restaurants after school. Ross started off as a waiter, and then became a cook. When Ross was in college he was actually studying law enforcement, but Ross would go home between classes and watch the Food Network. “I just got consumed,” he says.

Being a cook at a restaurant, Ross would to try and experiment with new foods right? The price of that was gaining at least 20 to 30 pounds his freshman year. Ross says he ignored the signs when his clothes wouldn’t fit him any more.

“I never saw it,” It’s a weird realization when you’re gaining weight. You think, you’re getting older. Maybe it’s normal.

In 2004 Ross got his first reality check when he stepped on a scale for the first time in years. His scale only went up to 300 pounds, it couldn’t even register his full weight. Once he found another scale, he learned the scary truth about how much he really weighs: 327 lbs. He says:

“To realize that you’re not just obese, but morbidly obese, it was pretty tough on the mental psyche”

This realization made Chris start to pay more attention to his daily habits in order to progress with his weight loss. He had started making little changes such as switching Coke to Coke Zero, and this resulted in a 10 pound weight loss over a couple of months, but it still wasn’t enough for him. So Ross picked up a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano. Ross found out about the book because he was watching Oprah Winfrey talk about it on her show. His love for Paris is what really motivated him to read the book though.

French Women Don’t Get Fat explained the benefits of eating smaller portions, drinking water, and exercise. So Ross adapted what the book taught him to his lifestyle, and that resulted in a 20 pound weight loss. Of course he wasn’t done there, and wanted to keep pushing himself even more

Calorie intake was his next step, as he monitored all the calories he had taken from his own dishes. Being a chef he still had to taste his food, but this time he spit it back out after he tasted it. When Chris hit the 250 pound mark, he started exercising more, and he even ran a 5k race, which gave him a 20 pound weight loss,and because of the weight loss, he developed the confidence to propose to his wife. At 230 lbs mark decided to try something new with his fiancee: Zumba Class. He says:

“Man, the weight really started falling off then, ” I’m a 36-year-old white guy with no rhythm. Its a fun exercise when you get over the fact that you feel stupid doing it.”

Then Chris Ross’s weight loss result was that he went from 327 to 190 lbs by the time he married his fiancee.

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