Cambodian Necrophiliac Wanted Sex With Corpse But Fell Asleep ‘On The Job’

A necrophiliac in Cambodia was caught after he fell asleep while trying to have sex with a corpse.

This “non-event” took place in the Prey Poun community, 103 miles south-east of the capital, Phnom Penh.

A man’s foot was seen by villagers protruding from an open grave. They immediately contacted the family of the 17-year-old girl whose body was still in the coffin in which she had been buried earlier in the day.

The man has been identified as Chin Chean, aged 47. He admitted to police that he had started digging up the coffin a few hours after the girl had been buried.

The bizarre details were reported by the Cambodia Daily, which wrote that after removing all the earth the man succeeded in opening the coffin.

Chin Chean told the police that he had been unable to have full sex with the body because there was no room for two in the coffin. Then, exhausted by his fruitless exertions – he simply fell asleep on top of the body.

The local police chief, Keo Vutha, said, “Villagers saw Mr Chean’s foot by the grave at about 6 am and told the deceased’s family. We don’t know at this stage whether he knew the victim when she was alive.”

He added that Chin Chean was known to take drugs and commit unusual acts, such as running around the local pagoda naked.

Another police spokesman confirmed that they intended to send Chean to the district police for further questioning before sending him to the court.

Necrophilia is defined as sexual attraction to corpses.

In 1958 a survey by researchers Klaf and Brown discovered that necrophiliac fantasies occurred more frequently than was generally assumed.

And not all countries have legislation specifically forbidding it. Indeed, in the United States there was no federal law against it, even up to 2006.

Each state made its own laws – and they are not the same. The classifications range from a misdemeanor, various degrees of felony up to total prohibition.