2Cellos AC/DC Cover Becomes An Instant Classic

2Cellos’ cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” has become an instant classic. The Croatian duo is well known for combining rock and pop tunes with a unique classical touch. Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser’s latest cover underlines their skill at remastering classic hits.

In 2011, the duo released their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” on YouTube. Within months, 2Cellos’ debut video was viewed by millions. Students of the Royal Academy of Music in London, Šulić and Hauser were stunned by the instant success.

Within weeks, the young men were invited to perform on numerous television programs and talk shows. Their unique talent and increasing popularity eventually gained the attention of Sony MASTERWORKS. In April 2011, 2Cellos signed their first record deal. At the time, both men were 24 years old.

Within the same month, the duo was contacted to tour with the legendary Elton John. Luka Šulić said the instant success “has literally been like a movie.”

As reported by Slovenia Press Agency, Šulić and Hauser carefully select and remaster the songs themselves. Šulić said he and his partner put a lot of thought into their performances:

“We chose songs with quality, such that convey emotions, a message and which after all are suitable for the cello… The important thing is that we managed to build a ‘brand’ based on ourselves, which is very hard nowadays.”

2Cellos’ self-titled album debuted in June 2011. In addition to their popular Michael Jackson cover, the duo included songs originally performed by U2, Kings of Leon, Sting, Trent Teznor, Guns N’ Roses, and Kurt Cobain. Šulić and Hauser’s debut album made it to number on in the US Billboard Classical Albums chart.

Last year, the Croatian duo released their second album, titled In2ition. The album included 13 tracks, including songs originally performed by Elton John, Sonny Bono, AC/DC, and Peter Green. 2Cellos’ second album featured several guest artists, including Steve Vai, Elton John, Lang Lang, Naya Rivera, and Sky Ferreira.

Although numerous artists have combined classical music with pop and rock, Šulić said he and Hauser are truly unique:

“Creating such intensity and energy… only with the cello is very demanding both musically and technically… We explore the boundaries of playing the cello to the limits of the impossible and we make progress every day… we both have a long track record of classical music concerts.”

With their unique style and incredible talent, 2Cellos will certainly continue to wow audiences worldwide. Their cover of “Thunderstruck” has been viewed more than 3 million times since its release last week.

[Image via Facebook]