Jake The Snake Roberts Has Cancer, Set To Have Emergency Surgery

Former WWE Pro-Wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts has cancer. It is sad to report, as Jake was considered one of the best pro-wrestlers in history. He invented a move that is used today across all mediums of pro-wrestling, the DDT. He is mostly known for carrying a snake to ringside with him, where he would use said snake on opponents at times.

Jake has been a documented drug addict and alcoholic. He has had very little contact with his family and really hit rock bottom. Some wonder how he and other wrestler Scott Hall have remained alive this long. Both have done hard drugs and could be considered the two most horrific examples of what drugs can do to you.

Happily both sought out help from former Pro-Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). DDP has developed a Yoga program that has been getting fantastic reviews from any and all who have used it called DDP Yoga. Literally, I challenge anyone who has used it and saw zero results to inform me. DDP has managed to get people into sort of rehab state with his program, where he helped both Hall and Roberts get off drugs. On top of this, both lost weight and look great once again.

Scott Hall alone has been to WWE rehab dozens of times. The company estimates they have spent well over a million dollars on Hall. Roberts really hasn’t taken up WWE’s offer for free rehab like Hall has done. While both still have a way to go, they are obviously looking better. This made WWE fans very happy as they are beloved by the fans.

Jake was just announced to be in WWE’s 2014 Hall of Fame class recently, and even made a WWE RAW appearance for the first time in over a decade.

WWE allowing Roberts to do this was a huge step for him, and he was happy to even get the opportunity to make such an appearance. Yes, the snake was present as well.

Roberts was doing well, but then felt that something was off so he looked into it with a doctor. About a month ago, he felt a growth about the size of a half dollar he claims. He took tests and heard back about it being cancer just recently. That is when he found out he had a cancerous tumor growing behind his knee. This potentially could cause a lot of pain for him, and on top of that, it’s cancer!

Jake is set to have surgery today to remove the tumor, but it is uncertain if they can remove the entire thing or if he will need treatment afterward. The medical term for this is soft tissue sarcoma, which is treatable but also like any other cancer and can come back or have complications. Usually the first way to treat this is by removing the tumor, but it is not always that easy. At times it can be in a bad area or the cancer may not come completely out with the tumor.

In Jake the Snake’s case, it is behind his knee so it’s not in as bad of an area. Yet it still risks complications among other things.

Jake is obviously well liked by wrestling fans, and he has really gotten his life together after such a horrific past. So this comes as a huge blow and it’s only making his fans get closer to him and wish him the best even more so.

A lot of people have expressed their support for the former WWE performer, and many feel that he can make it through this. Jake the Snake has always been known to be a fighter and many feel that he has been through worse if you can imagine that. This being said, most expect him to make a full recovery.