India’s Search For A Hangman Is Coming Up Empty

Last month officials in the country of India began a job search for their next “hangman” but despite 1.2 billion people living in the country they have not been fully successful in filling this position which requires executing murderers and people who commit “honor killings.”

The country is not known for many executions, in fact prison workers have been known to help guilty parties draft appeals which can slow or all out stop the execution process. Since 1947 only approximately 50 people have been hanged with the last occurring in 2004.

The job opening only went public when a prisoner awaiting his execution recently ran out of appeals.

The son of a former hangman has offered to take over the job but bureaucratic red tape has delayed the process in a country where everything from the length of a hangman’s rope and the platform he stands on is regulated.

In the meantime the man who was ordered to be hanged has filed a motion in which he claims that the “waiting” is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.