Steve Jobs Capsule Finding Inspires Innovation

Last fall excitement pulsed throughout the electronic community as news of the Steve Jobs time capsule being found was announced. In 1983, Steve Jobs gave a presentation at a technology conference, a presentation which he navigated with a Lisa Mouse, one of the first “mice” produced by Apple. Shortly after this conference Jobs added the innovative electronic to a time capsule bent on representing the accomplishments of 1983. This time capsule was meant to be reopened in 2000, but due to re-landscaping of the Aspen area it wasn’t found until September of 2013. The lucky treasure-hunters were members of a tv series on the National Geographic Channel called Diggers, a show dedicated to finding hidden or lost artifacts from the 80’s and on. The find was cause for extreme celebration, as this historic time capsule was thought to be lost for good.

The episode of Diggers that showcases the rediscovery of the Steve Jobs time capsule airs tomorrow, which has many people in the scientific and business community alike reflecting on the expansive influence Steve Jobs has had in the past 30 years. In many ways Jobs was the quintessential entrepreneur, dropping everything in the name of his dream. His desire to combine art and science lead to many of the technological advances we have today. Aside from his personal achievements, Jobs is famous for the ambition he has inspired in others. Scott Davis of Forbes magazine reminisces on one of the most powerful messages he got from listening to Steve Jobs, “It’s amazing sometimes how powerful even the smallest influences can be in leading to exciting and game-changing products and services that captivate people and forge a deep emotional connection to a brand, one that is so powerful that it becomes intertwined into your life, as it is truly part of you.”

Steve Jobs’ example has also paved the way for upcoming men and women with revolutionary ideas. As eCommerce continues to expand and grow, ambitious minds like Bjorn Espenes and Eric Maas are revolutionizing the way paid advertising is done with online retailers. These two gentlemen were unsatisfied with the current expertise and tools available in the paid search world, so in 2009 they branched off into their own company, and have become recognized as some of the top innovators in the eCommerce industry. The driven minds of Finch founders and Steve Jobs inspire all of us to not only appreciate the expanding world around us, but to take that leap and stretch it for ourselves.

*photo credit: Joi via photopin cc