Paul Walker’s Movie Car Purchased By Local Collector

It’s only been three months since Paul Walker perished in a fiery blaze from a speeding accident, and since then movie studios have been trying to move on with various projects of Paul’s that were left in post and pre production. Personal ties to Paul Walker, including his daughter Meadow’s inheritance has been settled, so now all that’s left is the work Walker left behind.

According to Buck County Courier Times, a local collector who shares Walker’s love of performance cars, is now set to own a car that was driven by Walker in the film that made him a name. This car, unlike the red 2005 Carrera GT Porsche, doesn’t come with a value that’s tied to Walker’s untimely death.

Car collector Rob Leipziger, an avid car fan that grew up admiring performance cars, decided to buy a 2001 Mitsubishi Evo. It’s a flashy car that might be associated with a mid-life crises, but for the 58-year-old the 200mph drag racer car is a special symbol as it’s the same car that Paul Walker drove in the Universal film 2 Fast 2 Furious. This was just one of the films from the franchise that made Walker a household name.

Not only is the car a rare gem because of who it was once driven by, but because it’s rare in its make. The car is one of four special Evos that were imported to the United Stated for the Fast & Furious film. In fact, the Evo car is said to have not been available in The States until 2003.

For Leipziger the purchase was a way to honor Walker and his sons admiration for the late 40-year-old action star.

“I didn’t even know the Evo was on the sale list. It was Wednesday night about dinner time. I saw the car and knowing my sons very much admired Paul Walker and that we could give back to the community, just like Paul did, I bid on it and got the car.”

“Paul Walker is a hero to many kids today. He drove fast and hard in his movies. The kids today are into these types of cars. He is their hero like Ronnie Sox and Bill Jenkins are mine. Paul’s movies are really popular and I figured we could give back to the community like Paul did, if I bought the car.”

Prior to his death Paul Walker ran a charity called Reach Out Worldwide run out of California. The foundation assisted those who were left devastated by natural disasters. Since Paul’s passing his younger brother, Cody Walker, has decided to help run the charity in his brother’s honor.