Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Delayed? She’s Even Avoiding Justin Theroux, Blames The Weather

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux will be married any day now if the rumor mill is to be believed. After all, they’ve been engaged for over 18 months now and counting…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, there was a photo that allegedly proved that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux secretly were married in a private wedding ceremony. The paparazzi have even sent helicopters to go dive bombing on their house in order to see what they’re up to lately. So, yeah, if that were me I’d secretly want to get married, as well.

Like many Hollywood relationships, the demands of being an actor or actress can be quite a strain because of the separation that is often involved. For example, after allegations of an affair, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker cut back their careers to fight for their marriage. Unfortunately, this has supposedly led to Aniston and Theroux putting their wedding on hold according to an unnamed source:

“The relationship is definitely at an impasse…either it’s going to fizzle out, which seems likely, or they get married.”

Of course, these type of rumors are a dime a dozen for a celebrity couple. But what is so different about this story is that Jennifer Aniston is blaming the weather for the reason she doesn’t want to be with her fiancee:

“Justin asked Jen to come to New York City but she declined, citing the cold weather. She wanted to be in sunny Southern California with her friends. It’s absolutely indicative of the status of Jen and Justin’s relationship. There is absolutely no wedding talk or planning going on. Publicly the couple is saying it’s because they are just too busy with work, but if they wanted to get married, it would happen.”

Do you think Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux should get married or just call off the wedding?