Michael Jackson’s Face Lands On A Stamp

It looks like Michael Jackson might be heading to the stamp world. The King of Pop’s face, which has been memorialized on many items might get the stamp treatment. Jackson among other famous faces including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, activist Harvey Milk, Charlton Heston, and Steve Jobs are just some of the new faces being considered to hit the local postal office within the next two years.

Looking at the giant list the U.S. Postal released, it looks like they’re going for figures that span the gamut in pop culture. According to a document by the U.S. Postal Service’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, which was then acquired and run by the Washington Post, noted that Michael Jackson’s face is currently being considered as one of the most popular icons to have his face on a stamp. Another “figure” that will be getting a stamp treatment is Dora the Explorer, the Nickelodeon cartoon character, and the famous Peanuts characters such as Charlie Brown and Lucy.

These stamps will start being manufactured throughout this year and through 2016. Other figures that will join the aforementioned are the iconic Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, and James Brown.

UPSP spokesman Roy Betts released a statement to CNN about the excitement these new stamps will create.

“The postal service is looking to bring more timely, relevant, contemporary subjects to stamps… pop-culture subjects appealing to younger audiences,The postal service is looking to bring more timely, relevant, contemporary subjects to stamps.”

Of Steve Jobs’ inclusion Betts said:

“Steve Jobs made major contributions and is worthy of this recognition.”

The list that is currently published, while exciting, isn’t the finalized list. Betts said that the names “still may not appear on a postage stamp.” and that there are “no guarantees.” Still, we have to believe that the sky is the limit seeing as there are stamps out there with Elvis Presley’s face.

Currently there’s a 12-member Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. Every year the committee considers up to 50,00 ideas a year for a stamp, and most of those ideas are from the public. The recommended number is 35 new subjects each year in terms of commemorative stamps each year. The person who makes the final decision about the stamps is the postmaster general.

Whether or not Michael Jackson’s face actually makes it on to a stamp is unknown, but even if he doesn’t make it on to the stamp, at least we still have this adorable dancing armadillo “dillie jean.”

Check out the video of “dillie jean” below: