Kim Pham A Gang Member? Friends In Nightclub Fight Claimed To Be The ‘Aggressors’

Is Kim Pham a gang member? Some reports are claiming Pham’s friends were the aggressors that started the entire fight that lead to Pham’s death.

In related reports by The Inquisitr, at first the hearing for Candace Brito and Vanesa Zavala seemed to be presenting conflicting witnesses. Although Kim Pham’s friends avoided police after her death, the testimony they gave to police at the scene of the crime painted a picture where three women were the aggressors and started the fight without provocation after a simple bump in line (other reports claim an accidental photobomb started the brawl). The two suspects, on the other hand, claimed Pham was the attacker and Zavala’s defense attorney even say she was knocked down early in the fight and was crawling around looking for a lost smartphone.

Now the defense is claiming one of the witnesses named Alfonso Magana says Kim Pham’s friends threw gang signs and shouted a gang’s name before initiating the fight and they once again claim that Pham punched first. The defense also claim the prosecution tried to withhold this evidence from the defense, which the prosecutors deny. Further, the prosecution insists how the fight was started does not matter since Kim Pham was on lying on the ground defenseless when she was kicked and punched to death.

Brito’s attorney Michael Molfetta claims the reason Kim Pham’s friends avoided the police after the incident was because of their gang affiliations:

“It explains what occurred and why it occurred and it puts to rest this ridiculous assertion that a lack of cooperation from the Asian community in this case was somehow a cultural thing. Now we know why. Gang members do not cooperate with law enforcement.”

What do you think about the accusations over Kim Pham supposedly being friends with gang members?