‘The Lego Movie 2’ Scheduled To Hit The Big Screen In 2017

The Lego Movie 2 is heading to theaters in the next few years.

Since Warner Bros. scored a major hit with the family-friendly endeavor, it’s not altogether surprising that the studio wants to get a sequel rolling at soon as possible. However, fans of the flick will have to wait a bit for the movie to arrive in theaters.

Although The Lego Movie sequel doesn’t have a script or a title to speak of just yet, that isn’t stopping Warner Bros. from setting a proper release date. According to Deadline, moviegoers can expect the follow-up to make its way to the big screen on May 26, 2017. Mark your calendars and plan your life accordingly.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller brought the original adventure to theaters, though it’s unclear if the filmmakers will return for the next installment of what is surely a brand new franchise.

Details about The Lego Movie 2 are understandably few and far between at the moment, though chances are the cast will return for another go around. Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, and Elizabeth Banks all loaned their voices to the extremely popular project.

While the weekend box office totals have yet to surface as of this writing — chances are they’ll arrive shortly after this writer hits publish — there’s a very strong possibility that the animated feature will crush its cinematic competition yet again.

According to the numbers posted over at Box Office Mojo, The Lego Movie has amassed an impressive $234 million worldwide. Warner Bros. only spent $60 million on the production, which means the movie is well on its way to becoming an incredibly profitable investment.

The positive word of mouth and strong reviews are helping The Lego Movie fight off its competition at the box office. The picture’s Rotten Tomatoes score is comfortably perched at a very healthy 96 percent out of 165 reviews, making it one of the best-reviewed animated movies of all time.

Warner Bros. is also hoping that fans of the movie will continue the adventures on their gaming consoles. The LEGO Movie Videogame is presently available on just about every machine on the market. Although the game isn’t getting overly strong reviews, the general consensus suggests that fans of the movie will love playing the spin-off.

Did you catch The Lego Movie in theaters? Are you already planning to catch the sequel when it finally arrives on the big screen in 2017?