Intense Debate Ups Comment Ante With FriendFeed Support

Plugin blog commenting provider Intense Debate has announced inline support for FriendFeed comments.

With the new feature, Intense Debate users select FriendFeed from the control panel, enter their FriendFeed account details, and FriendFeed comments are then automatically included in the comment thread on their blog. Intense Debate notes though that as FriendFeed doesn't support comment threading the comments won't be threaded as such, but they will appear as part of the overall comment thread (and presumably local responses are threaded beneath FriendFeed comments in case of Intense Debate generated replies).

Intense Debate beats its main competitors Disqus and Sezwho in offering FriendFeed support, although many bloggers have been able to show FriendFeed comments on posts, but in a stand alone capacity (you'll see it on this post...eventually).

One word for the announcement: great. I don't use Intense Debate (I'm a Disqus user) but the ongoing feature arms race between the various platforms is creating better, more appealing products for end users and blog owners, and that's good for blogging 2.0. The only remaining questions: who will offer FriendFeed support next, then what's the next great feature one of the three will come up with.

(via Louis Gray)