Justin Bieber Reportedly Rejects DUI Plea Deal, But Will He Deal?

Justin Bieber and his lawyers have allegedly rejected a reported plea deal in his Miami DUI case that would have required random drug testing and other conditions, but would keep the singer out of jail.

According to TMZ, Florida prosecutors offered the 19-year-old terms for a potential reduced plea deal following his January 23 arrest for a suspected DUI in Miami Beach while allegedly drag racing with a pal co-arrestee. Bieber previously pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license in writing last month.

The outlet reports authorities are prepared to drop the DUI and resisting arrest charges if Bieber pleads no contest to reckless driving, and complies with other terms typically offered to first-timers for this offense.

Other terms reportedly include, the completion of 40 hours of community service, a course of alcohol education classes, the installation of an ignition interlock device in vehicles Bieber drives for three months, and attendance at a “victim impact panel” — where relatives of DUI victims share their experiences.

The site added Bieber would also have to inform the court of his travel plans to lock in with officials for mandatory random drug testing for between six and nine months. If these tests were passed and terms of the reported deal were completed, the teen singer’s reduced plea would become official.

However, Bieber and his legal team have reportedly rejected the plea deal, but are open to a plea.

According to TMZ, the biggest objections are to the random drug testing and any deal that involves probation, as very likely failure in either could see the heartthrob hauled off to jail.

Citing unnamed sources allegedly connected to Bieber, the site says his camp also believes there are significant holes in the DUI case.

Two statements from officers in the police arrest report claimed they could smell alcohol on Bieber at the roadside and “reeked” of it when he was taken in a patrol car to Miami Beach police station for processing. In reality, the singer blew 0.011 and 0.014 – a negligible blood alcohol concentration.

It’s claimed Justin’s camp thinks one of the two arresting officers – Steve Cosner, allegedly has a history of misconduct and violations — was lying about observing Bieber and Khalil Sharieff drag race at between 55-60 MPH. GPS devices in Justin’s rented Lamborghini and Khalil’s Ferrari reportedly registered just 27 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

Sources reportedly told TMZ Bieber has said no to attending an alcohol education course over fears it would become a circus.

A later toxicology report revealed the active ingredient in marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax were present in Bieber’s system at the time of his arrest.

No opiates – which includes codeine and therefore “sizzurp” – or other drugs were found.

Given that there has been no let-up in variables Bieber may consider stressful — namely the possibility of jail time, possible exposure of his genitalia on jail footage at Miami Beach police station while he urinated, protests by Atlantan neighbors over alleged plans to buy a property in the city, relentless online mockery and media scrutiny — it’s likely Bieber is still smoking marijuana and taking Xanax.

Perhaps Bieber’s lawyers need to argue that he continue to do so on a registered medical basis. Either way, he has reportedly rejected this first plea deal.

A previously scheduled trial date of March 3 has been pushed back by Judge William Altfield while he reviews jail footage of Bieber. A new date will be announced at a future hearing.

What kind of deal do you think Miami prosecutors will offer Bieber and his legal team next?