Jennifer Lawrence Rocks Cleavage-Baring X-Men Costume In New Photos

Jennifer Lawrence remains busy filming the final two installments of The Hunger Games series, as she awaits the March 2 Academy Awards where she’ll find out if she wins her second consecutive Oscar, this time for her role in American Hustle.

All of this excitement for Jennifer Lawrence and her fans comes on the heels of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire becoming the 2013 box-office champ — the first film with a sole female lead to take that title since 1973.

And speaking of 1973…

With all of this activity surrounding Jennifer Lawrence, it would be easy to forget that she has another likely blockbuster on her slate for 2014. She stars in the Marvel Comics film X-Men: Days Of Future Past, reprising her role as “Raven” aka “Mystique” from the 2011 hit X-Men: First Class.

But if anyone needed reminding, Marvel and 20th Century Fox today flooded the internet with a new set of stills from the upcoming film, which will be one of the first entries in the summer box office sweepstakes, hitting your local multiplex on May 23.

The film is set largely in 1973, allowing Jennifer Lawrence, who wasn’t even born until 1990, to again go back to the 1970s, after her BAFTA award winning American Hustle role as a troubled ’70s housewife.

This time, Jennifer Lawrence plays no housewife, as is clearly visible from this still of the star in full makeup as her character’s alter-ego, “Mystique.”

And this one, as she displays more cleavage than Jennifer Lawrence s usually known for exposing, in her full 1970s-era costume as her character Raven.

Because the film takes place after X-Men: First Class but before the present-day setting of the previous X-Men trilogy and Wolverine solo film, director Brian Singer says that it is not a prequel or a sequel. He calls it an “interquel.”

Regardless, Jennifer Lawrence fans at this point are unlikely to care what kind of a “quel” the movie is, as they kvell over the latest star turn from their increasingly popular idol.