Los Angeles Dodgers’ Hall Of Famer Sandy Koufax Reportedly Fine After Hit To The Head

There was a panic for a moment, at the Los Angeles Dodgers training camp in Arizona, when Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax took a hit to the head on Friday.

Koufax, 78, was watching pitcher Ross Stripling warm up in the bullpen at one of the practice fields of the Dodgers facility, when Andre Ethier hit a foul ball that hit the legendary pitcher on the side of his head.

Players yelled, “Heads up!” but before Koufax could react, he was hit.

The former Los Angeles Dodgers star was smiling as he walked — a bit wobbly — towards one of the gold carts where trainers covered the injury with a bandage and put a towel over his head, then took him into the clubhouse.

Later on Sandy Koufax, wearing a white polo shirt, talked to some of the Los Angeles Dodgers players in the clubhouse and told reporters that he was doing fine. He didn’t wear a bandage, but had a visible cut on the side of his head.

Koufax later left the Los Angeles Dodgers training facility with head trainer Stan Conte.

Pitcher Clayton Kersher — who was sitting about 20 feet from where Koufax was hit — said it didn’t look good and he was glad that Sandy Koufax was alright.

According to TMZ Andre Ethier also got the scare of his life thinking he had seriously injured one of the most legendary Los Angeles Dodgers stars.

“My heart was pumping out of my chest,” Ethier told the publication, “Scary moment! I’m glad he’s okay.”

Ethier said that he and Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly rushed to Koufax’s side immediately and apologized over and over.

Even though Ethier says Sandy Koufax forgave him he was still rattled by the experience, “This is not what I want to be remembered for.” he said.

As a precaution Koufax underwent a CT Scan that showed no internal bleeding in the brain, which could have resulted from the violent hit.

Sandy Koufax — who played all of his 22-year career for the team — is a special adviser to owner Mark Walter and has been a constant presence at the training facility for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

[Image via Twitter]