iPhone 5s: Should You Still Get One?

While iPhone 5s might be the hottest smartphone on the market right now, many Apple fans are still wary of getting one. With a challenger in the form of Samsung Galaxy S5 soon to arrive, some consumers are wondering if the iPhone 5s is still worth the buy.

Fortunately, techies from Gotta Be Mobile offer plenty of tips and reviews that can help smartphone buyers decide whether to still get an iPhone 5s or not.

Comparing iPhone 5s with competitors is a good way to start and what better way to do this than to compare iPhone 5s with its biggest upcoming competitor – the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5, due to be launched Monday in Barcelona, Spain, is still mostly a mystery to tech gurus and consumers alike. However, with rumors abound from various sources, tech reviewers are still able to roughly compare the reigning champion iPhone 5s with its upcoming contender Samsung Galaxy S5.

At just 7.6 mm in thickness and 112 grams in weight, iPhone 5s is one of the most comfortable phones to carry around. The iPhone 5s also boasts of improved security with a built-in fingerprint sensor planted inside its home button. Just like its predecessors, iPhone 5s is encased in sturdy aluminium that is meant to weather harsh conditions the smartphone may encounter. iPhone 5s also has a 4-inch retina display that is pleasing to the eyes, although lacking support for 1080p resolution.

In contrast, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just pure speculation. Because Samsung is known for refusing to reveal designs before a launch, tech reviewers can only imagine. Multiple sources claim that the design will be very different from the previous Galaxy S installments and that it will be encased in metal, just like the iPhone 5s. The smartphone’s display is predicted to be much larger and sharper than the Galaxy S4. Gadget website Sonny Dickinson showed February 11 a possible 3D rendition of the upcoming smartphone.

Most important to consider when buying a smartphone is the specs. Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and is rumored to have 3 GB RAM for its premium version and 2 GB for its non-premium version. iPhone 5s runs on iOS 7 and already promises 4 GB for its current version. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a storage option of up to 128 GB while iPhone 5s falls short at 64 GB maximum.

Lastly, the portion that many buyers consider the deal maker or the deal breaker is the price. iPhone 5s starts at $199 on-contract and $650 off contract, and because of the iPhone 5s garnering critical acclaim, the price might be worth it. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be considering a significant price drop from its predecessors, something that buyers might want to wait for.

So should you still get an iPhone 5s?

If you can wait for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5 before making a decision, the better. Without actually seeing Samsung’s latest installment, it would be a really tricky task even for tech experts to compare it with the iPhone 5s. However, if you are really eager to get a smartphone right away, you definitely won’t regret going for the iPhone 5s.

Image from Flickr.