Justin Bieber Deported? Petition To White House Demands He Return To Canada In 2014

Demands that Obama deport Justin Bieber back to Canada has been soaring this past week, with the White House petition reaching levels where the President is supposedly required to respond to the public’s demand.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Justin Bieber’s arrest has some wondering whether he should be deported following the police raid after the egging incident. Two US Senators even discussed giving the Bieb the boot in serious terms while criticizing his juvenile behavior. Yes, we are America, home of the free… as long as you don’t annoy your neighbors (or produce bad music that annoys the rest of us).

According to the rules, President Obama is supposed to required to respond to a We The People petition when the number of signatures exceed 100,000. That number was reached fairly early in January of 2014 and the number of Americans who hate Bieber numbers at least 262,060 as of this afternoon, making it the second highest ever. Today, February 22, also happens to be the deadline for when we’ll see if Obama will be forced to talk about deporting Justin Bieber.

Of course, the White House probably won’t take the demand to deport Justin Bieber very seriously. Even though it’s gathered more signatures than a petition that demanded the Westboro Baptist Church be declared a hate group it’ll still probably end up in the same category as the petition for building a death star (so we can blow up the Bieb?).

The guy who demanded to have Justin Bieber deported in the first place is named Roger Skrzynski. He also doesn’t take the core demand too seriously and instead intended his Justin Bieber petition to expose problems with the White House system:

“I’ve been actually waiting for something to come along that I could put on there because I really don’t like the website itself. It’s too open to foreign signatures. It’s a way for people in foreign countries to petition our government. I kind of wanted to put a joke on there to maybe get the White House’s attention. Maybe they could fix it.”

Still, Roger admits he feels like “I finally brought America together on an issue for once.” There’s even a billboard out there that says we should kick the Bieb out if the United States hockey team loses against Canada in the Olympics:


Do you think America should have Justin Bieber deported in 2014?

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