Paul McCartney’s Bad Haircut Fascinates The Internet

Paul McCartney’s status as a rock legend doesn’t mean he’s immune to negative publicity.

The Beatles singer recently caught the befuddled attention of the world thanks to a particularly bad haircut and what many believe is a terrible dye job. Although McCartney’s wife Heather Mills reportedly talked her husband into getting his hair colored and cut at the Guy Thomas Salon back in 2004, apparently he’s started taking matters into his own hands.

After Paul McCartney and his wonky hair started popping up in the press, Mills reportedly contacted the salon to figure out what was wrong. According to the New York Daily News, the problem spiraled out of control when the singer’s assistant began requesting the unique color Guy Thomas put together for his famous client.

Janelle Mercadante, Thomas’ daughter, reportedly dyed Paul McCartney’s hair while her dad trimmed his famous locks. Once the Beatle began complaining about the cost of these visits, he started having his assistants demand access to the color. Although Thomas originally didn’t want to hand it over, he eventually relented.

“His cut is inferior and the color is a mess. We have clients coming in asking, ‘What the hell is wrong with Paul McCartney hair?’ People knew he came here, and they ask us, ‘Is that your work?” Thomas explained.

Mercadante added, “His hair looks horrible. It becomes dark initially and then lightens. Whoever is doing it for him leaves the sideburns grey.”

The Mirror reports that Paul McCartney’s representatives have yet to comment on the situation. If someone in the singer’s camp is to blame for the bad haircut and dye job, then nobody is willing to take credit for it as of this writing.

Here’s some photos of the singer’s messy hair.

Sir Paul McCartney's former hair stylist blasts the Beatle's haircut. Haha!

— Liam Andrew Snedden (@mrliamsnedden) February 17, 2014

Not surprisingly, Paul McCartney’s hair has generated a fair amount of ridicule on Twitter. Rock legend status apparently accounts for absolutely nothing these days.

Are you currently obsessed with the state of Paul McCartney’s hair?

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