Kelvin Jones: British College Student Goes Viral With Song ‘Call You Home’

Kelvin Jones is a British college student who earlier this week was thrilled to hear a small local radio station play his song “Call You Home.”

That all changed in a hurry. After a user on Reddit posted a link to his YouTube video for the song on Friday, Jones saw his popularity skyrocket. The post attracted more than 20,000 user “upvotes,” and the views for the song have steadily climbed into the hundreds of thousands.

Fans praised the song, which Kelvin Jones wrote himself. The sudden success also led Jones to share a link where the song can be downloaded for free.

On the YouTube link for “Call You Home,” Kelvin Jones shared a bit about his inspiration to write the song:

“I tend to write songs from the perspective of an exaggerated, inflated version of myself and how I feel at the time,” he wrote. “With that said, this song is the closest I’ve come to not exaggerating emotion and simply expressing my self directly. I found myself singing ‘Can I call you home’ over and over until I realised what it really meant.

“This song could be mistaken for a really over the top confessional love song, if you miss the fact that the lyrics are an inner monologue of someone not able to vocalise them yet, rather than a bold vocalised statement to the object of the affection.”

It seems like the viral fame is still new to Kelvin Jones. After his sudden popularity on the site led to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, Jones said he is unsure what he is going to do next.

“I really want to get an album out but I’m not signed on to a label so it’s pretty tough to get in a recording studio,” he wrote. “I’m only learning how to record and mix music as I go so if I did it myself I’d probably hate how it sounded upon looking back in a few months (which is why I’m hesitant to release an album by myself).”

Jones also shared with Reddit users what has been the most difficult part of being a musician:

“Good question! Been thinking about this for a while now and I’d have to say it’s probably gonna be when I try to convince my parents to let me pursue a career in music!”

Kelvin Jones might have an easier time convincing them now.