Space Jam 2 Rumor: LeBron James Reportedly On Board For Sequel

Space Jam 2 is on the way with LeBron James taking over the role Michael Jordan made famous.

Or maybe it isn’t.

Reports spread on Friday that the Miami Heat star was signed on for a sequel to the beloved 1996 movie starring Jordan and Bugs Bunny taking on a squad of aliens. The report came from, normally a solid source of news out of Hollywood.

The report claimed that Space Jam 2 was being pushed by broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol, with Charlie Ebersol on to produce the movie and a script from his brother Willie Ebersol.

The report noted:

“Another Space Jam film? Why not? The first film, which broke ground for Warner Bros and starred then-Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan and a slew of other top NBA players, ended up grossing $230M worldwide for the studio and even launched a kids TV series.”

But the Space Jam 2 rumor was quickly quashed by LeBron James and his team, which denied that the Heat star was signed on for the project.

The Space Jam 2 project would been seen as a big development for LeBron James, giving the star a major entertainment vehicle. James has another move in the works with Kevin Hart, Ballers.

This is not the first time that Space Jam 2 rumors have circulated around LeBron James. Back in November, a fan-made poster showing James along with a logo for the hypothetical sequel spread on the internet, somehow turning into a rumor that LeBron was really on board for the project.

But there may be at least a kernel of truth to the reports. In a Q&A session with the Miami Heat star last year, LeBron James admitted he would love to do a Space Jam 2 movie if he could. So there’s always a chance.