Las Vegas Road Rage Attack Caught On Tape, Man Run Over At Gas Station

Las Vegas police are stumped in their search for the driver of a gray Honda Accord who deliberately ran over an elderly man in a case of apparent road rage. They released a surveillance video Thursday showing the incident in graphic detail, hoping that a member of the public might recognize the car that plowed over the older man’s legs, leaving him with serious injuries.

The Las Vegas road rage incident happened on the morning of February 6, and it started with what witnesses describe as a near-collision between two cars pulling into an Arco station at 6102 West Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At around 11:30 am, the older man, whose name and age have not been made public, pulled into the Las Vegas gas station, but the dark gray Honda sped in front of him, cutting him off and forcing the older driver to swerve. His quick maneuvering avoided a crash.

The Las Vegas road rage incident appeared like it should have ended there. The older man pulled his car up to pump number two then walked toward the the gas station convenience store, across the parking lot, with the intention of paying in advance.

But he never made it inside.

As the man approaches the store, as seen on video released by Las Vegas police, the grey Honda speeds towards him. The car stops just inches short of striking the man, who appears confused and may then say something to the driver of the Honda. But the Honda driver does not end the altercation there.

The individual behind the wheel moves the Honda forward, bumping into the man’s legs. Then he steps on the gas. The older man is knocked to the ground.

The driver of the Honda proceeds to run his vehicle over the man’s legs. The Honda then speeds away, leaving the older man writing in pain on the asphalt of the Las Vegas gas station, as bystanders rush to his aid.

“When I turned around, I saw an old white man on the floor right there and then I called 911 so they could help him,” said gas station employee Sheyla Rodriguez. “I heard someone screaming and when I turned around the only thing I could see is California plates and a silver car running away, leaving the area.”

No witnesses were able to take down the car’s full license plate number, but the first characters of the California plate are “6C.”

The driver is described as a white male of medium build, in his 30s. He was wearing a gray hoodie-style sweatshirt at the time of the attack in Las Vegas about two weeks ago.

Police are investigating the Las Vegas road rage attack as a case of attempted murder.