Pink Diamond Stolen By Thief Is Worth $180k, Can’t Be Found After Suspect Swallowed It

A pink diamond stolen by a thief is worth approximately $180,000 USD. The funny part of the whole story is that this enterprising thief tried to sneak the pink diamond through airport security by swallowing the large rock.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, pink diamonds are apparently in fashion now in British circles because Prince William gave Kate Middleton a pink diamond as a gift last year. Several large pink diamonds also went on auction, with one selling for $83 million and the other rock sold for $39.3 million.

The pink diamond was stolen this week from a jewelry store in northern Queensland, Australia. The store owner described the bold thief as literally stealing the pink diamond straight out of his hands only to flee on a mountain bike.

The suspected thief is a British tourist named Matthew Osborne. He was arrested at an international airport in Melbourne as he was about to board a flight to New Zealand. Police say they tracked the thief using CCTV and they also have his fingerprints. They also claim he will appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court tomorrow and they are charging Osborne with entering premises and stealing property.

Unfortunately, while police may have caught the thief the pink diamond is still missing! Although they suspect the man swallowed it in order to hide it the investigation took quite a twist:

“The X-rays are inconclusive at this time. They haven’t shown that the diamond has been swallowed, so we are making some follow-up inquiries.”

But the owner of the jewelry store thinks the story about the thief swallowing the pink diamond are true:

“If he thought he’d got away with it, why would you sit at the Melbourne airport and swallow it, and if you have to go to the loo on a flight to New Zealand? That would be a bit dangerous. If he’s not going to confess where the stone is, he’s going to do some serious time.”

Considering how expensive this pink diamond is on the open market I’m pretty sure these “inquiries” are unlikely to be very pleasant for the suspected thief. Considering the store owner said he already had a local buyer for the pink diamond it’s possible the thief has already fenced his prize.