Tribal Shooting: Sherie Lash Killed Four Relatives In The Paiute Tribe, Only 31 Remain

The names of the victims of the tribal shooting in Alturas have been released and it turns out the shooter named Sherie Lash aka Sherie Rhoades killed her own relatives in the Northern Paiute tribe.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the tribal shooting shocked the small community of Alturas in its viciousness. Not only did Lash allegedly shoot and kill four people, she continued on her rampage with a butcher knife and stabbed one woman. It’s only because of one the blood-soaked victims managed to escape and warn police that she did not continue on her killing spree.

According to the tribe’s website, the small community used to consist of approximately 35 members. All of the families living on the Rancheria can trace their lineage back to 1954 so in essence they’re all related in some manner. Some reports even say Sherie Lash was at one time a tribal leader for three years, so everyone knew her directly. Those killed in the tribal shooting include the suspect’s brother, Rurik Davis; her 19-year-old niece Angel Penn; and her nephew, 30-year-old Glenn Calonicco.

Reports say the suspect and her son were supposed to be evicted from the tribal lands and that’s why they were holding the meeting at which the tribal shooting took place. So far no one has said why Lash was going to be evicted, but relative Linda Stubblefield says the tribe did fear the possibility of violence threatened by evictions:

“Anytime you evict someone from their home, you’re going to worry about this. And you’re taking their Indian rights from them. This is not supposed to happen.”

Sherie Rhoades was taken into custody after the tribal shooting in Alturas and she was “booked on suspicion of homicide, attempted murder, child endangerment and brandishing a weapon.” Because another relative also worked at the jail she’s since been moved to another location. Police say they found two semi-automatic pistols at the scene of the crime, but they are currently uncertain whether both were used during the Alturas shooting.