Hulk Hogan Return To WWE: Confirmed To ‘Get Physical’ On RAW And Wrestlemania 30

The Hulk Hogan return to WWE rumored for so long appears to be confirmed according to sources of TMZ.Photographs of the wrestling legend training at a central florida facility with an entire crew have stirred up the conversation again. Sporting the famous yellow and red Hulkamania gear, the Hulkster looks ready to go.

As The Inquisitr has been reporting for months, a Hulk Hogan return to WWE has been speculated about over and over again. Whether or not he will be able to suit up and take on any challengers will depend on his health. Reports suggest that the 60 year-old is not physically able to actually step into the ring against opponents.

That has not stopped the rumor mill from churning out stories of a Hulk Hogan return to Wrestlemania 30. On Friday, the WWE confirmed that he will host Wrestlemania 30. Hogan has been featured in some of the greatest WWE matches of all time and it would only make sense to include the All-American superstar in the 30th anniversary event. From “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to the Ultimate Warrior, all types of challengers have been suggested. Truthfully, it is doubtful Hogan will fight anyone in a full match at the New Orleans Superdome on April 6th. But according to the sources, he his expected to “get physical”.

Before the Hulk Hogan return to WWE on Wrestlemania will apparently be a RAW appearance on Monday night, February 24th. His Monday night RAW return is supposed to be about building visibility for the soon to launch WWE network. The new 24/7 network will be going live on Monday as well. Customers can sign up for a free one week trial now.

The Hulk Hogan return to WWE also coincides with a big feud between Vince McMahon and one of the company’s biggest current stars, CM Punk. Rumors have Punk leaving the WWE to pursue other ventures. They will most likely need to do something big to keep viewers and develop new story lines. Of course, as one of the biggest years in WWE history, it could all be part of the show.

Either tune into Monday Night RAW and Wrestlemania 30 to catch the Hulk Hogan return to WWE.